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A fairy-tale light and shadow show for the entire family
In our theater, beloved fairy-tale characters come to life with the help of light and technology, your imagination, and a tiny bit of magic.
Everyone gets to play a part. Choose a character and create a unique fairy tale together.
Kids learn to be storytellers and actors, experiment with characters and contribute their own ideas.
Fun for the whole family
Develops imagination
Uses technology
The free Papaton Shadow Theater app on your phone provides the music, story and light for the show.
Brings back traditions
Papaton Shadow Theater puts a new twist on legendary fairy tales.
Create extraordinary family nights in that you and your kids will remember forever.
Invite fairy tales into your home
An original gift for kids
Amaze the kids: your smartphone sets a fairy-tale scene and the items included in the set can be used for play and to transform into their favorite characters.
Use your telephone to work magic
The Papaton Shadow Theatre mobile app features everything you need to lift the curtain on your show. For example, when launched the app automatically turns on your phone's flashlight: no more searching for a light source.
Original music
To create a real show, music has been specially composed for each fairy tale. So, in Three Little Pigs, you'll hear cheerful, carefree notes and sounds from nature, while the create your own option features music that draws on the best traditions of all your favorite animated movies.
Animated characters
In-app animated characters for each fairy tale entertain young viewers before the performance starts.
Fairy tale scripts
The text of each fairy tale scrolls across your telephone screen like film subtitles, leaving your hands free to join in the game with your children.
Four well-known fairy tales and one from your own imagination
Inside the box, 23 specially designed fairy-tale characters are waiting for you to bring them to life and invite your audience over.
What's included
Learn how to set up the fold-out theater, how the fairy-tale characters come to life, and how your smartphone enhances the show.
How to create your own shadow theater at home
Download the free Papaton Shadow Theatre app from App Store or Google Play
Read the instruction booklet
Set up the colorful fold-out theater
Choose your characters
Put your phone on the stand
Turn off the lights and let the show begin!
The Papaton Shadow Theatre
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Igor Silkin, Editor-in-chief
Alexander Levi, Kommersant FM
Katerina Antonova
"There is nothing simpler than to immerse children into a fantasy world of fairy tales with the Papaton Shadow Theatre"
"The soundtrack is pretty good. I would even advise to connect the phone to a home theatre system"
"Inside this somewhat small theater, which all fits on the dining table, a multitude of surprises is hidden"
About us write
The app features all fairy tales in English and Russian
Три поросенка
The Three Little Pigs
Once upon a time there were three little pigs. The first little pig built his house out of straw, because it was the easiest thing to do. The second little pig built his house out of sticks, which was just a bit better.
Жили-были три маленьких розовых поросенка. Три братца — старший, средний и самый младший. Все лето поросята играли и веселились, похрюкивая от удовольствия. Но пришла осень, а с ней и холода. Нужно было готовиться к зиме, чтобы не остаться без крова.
The Papaton Shadow Theatre
Delight your kids or organize an unforgettable children's party and amaze their friends.
Reviews of the shadow theater
Magical family nights in
So, it turns out you can make a family night in magical and unforgettable, including with the Shadow Theater. All evening, I only got two turns at being an actor—the boys wouldn't let me behind the scenes!
Develops acting skills
It's cooler than filmstrips, plus it helps to develop parents' acting skills and kids' imaginations. The set includes characters and props for five fairy tales, a fantastic, double-sided fold-out theater and a stand for your smartphone—the text of the fairy tale scrolls across the screen, in case you suddenly forget the words, and the app also plays the music and switches on your phone's flashlight. Everything you need to create a true, fully immersive production! Wow! ✨🎬🍿
A bewitching atmosphere
Thank you so much for our creative evening! Kirill got the biggest kick out of the process 😁 and is now putting together his own show! There's so many great characters, you could shoot a whole TV series! And of course, just the atmosphere itself is bewitching—the darkness, the shadows, mom's voice.
Fantastic home production
The Papaton Shadow Theatre is a set that you can use to create your own fantastic home production. It includes a colorful, illustrated fold-out theater, a number of black cardboard props and characters, and a smartphone stand. We installed the app—which includes accompanying music and the fairy tale texts—launched it, and off we went.
Your photos
Share photos and videos of your home Papaton Shadow Theatre productions using the hashtag #PapatonShadowTheatre and they'll appear on our webpage. We'll repost your images and bring you fame in the fairy tale fan community!
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